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  • Secretary Gary Locke has been confirmed as the Gala Dinner keynote speaker
  • Jeffrey Bader, Special Assistant to President Obama has been comfirmed as a speaker
  • Yi Zhou, Design Director for Converse Apparel to speak at the Conference
  • Senator Daniel K. Inouye to be honored at Gala Dinner
  • Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo to be honored at C-100 Gala Dinner
  • Assistant to President Obama and Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu to speak at the Conference
  • Professor Robert G. Eccles of Harvard Business School has been confirmed as a moderator
  • Dr. Brzezinski and Dr. Kissinger, Wal-Mart to be honored at Conference Gala Dinner
AGENDA: English | Chinese (Revised 04/29/09)
As in years past, the Committee of 100's 2009 conference will serve as a critical forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to U.S.-China relations and Chinese American progress. With a focus on the impact of China's rising global influence, "Learn from the Past, Create the Future" will cover topics relevant to academic, business, and political communities around the country. The Committee's distinguished membership is assembling a thought-provoking mix of keynote speakers and panel discussions, featuring leading experts and practitioners in their respective fields.
The Committee of 100 is a national non-partisan organization composed of American citizens of Chinese descent. Each member has achieved positions of leadership in the United States in a broad range of professions. With these diverse backgrounds, members collectively pool their strengths and experience to address important issues concerning the Chinese American community, as well as issues affecting U.S.-China relations.