Committee of 100 Holds Fourth Greater China Conference in Hong Kong

Common Ground: Building Trust in a New Era

The theme of this year's Greater China Conference - Common Ground: Building Trust in a New Era - underscored the critical role of U.S.-China collaboration in keeping the global economy on a long-term growth trajectory. Leadership cooperation between Washington and Beijing now more than ever is essential in managing global market volatility amid political uncertainty.

The Conference Co-chairs - Ronnie Chan, Tony Chan, Victor Fung, and Ya-Qin Zhang - selected the roundtable topics and speakers which resulted in highly engaging and content-rich conference proceedings. The four roundtables examined salient global forces - Chinese consumption, internationalization of the RMB, education and innovation, and China's outbound foreign direct investment - that are reconfiguring the global financial system. As industry leaders and strategic thinkers, each speaker offered a unique perspective on current and emerging market trends. Their key insights are captured in the Greater China Conference Executive Summary.

The conference attracted broad participation from Hong Kong's business and policy elite with high-impact keynote addresses from Gary Locke, U.S. Ambassador to China, Tavis Smiley, Host of Tavis Smiley on PBS, and Stephen Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong. Mr. Lam highlighted Hong Kong's position as an international center of RMB-denominated transactions and Hong Kong's plans to position itself as a service-provider leader and cultural magnet.

Ambassador Locke confirmed that the U.S.- China economic relationship is of immense importance to the entire world. He underscored that China needs to promote more dynamic investment policies, open up its financial services sector, expand domestic consumption, and foster innovation - all of which will unleash huge growth potential for Chinese and foreign firms. The Ambassador formally announced that the United States wants to grant 5-year visas to visitors from China, but a reciprocal arrangement is a prerequisite.

The two-day event began with a gala dinner on December 4 and was followed by the conference discussion and a private members and VIP dinner on December 5. Thirty-two C-100 members and over 380 participants attended the Gala Dinner and Conference. Members who participated in the conference events included: Dominic Ng, David Chang, Doreen Woo Ho, Clarence Kwan, Ben Wu, Debra Wong Yang, Ya-Qin Zhang, Kelly Cha, Ronnie Chan, Tony Chan, HK Chang, Chih Chen, Lily Lee Chen, David Chu, Nelson Dong, Victor Fung, Bob Gee, Ta-lin Hsu, Handel Lee, Cheng Li, Herman Li, Howard Li, Li Lu, Paul Lin, Elwood Lui, Adeline Yen Mah, Henry Tang, Tim Tong, Dazong Wang, Roger Wang, Jay Xu, and Linda Tsao Yang.

A delegation of three influential American journalists -: Eugene Robinson, Columnist and Associate Editor, The Washington Post, Nicholas Goldberg, Editor of Editorial Pages, The Los Angeles Times, and Rekha Basu, Columnist, The Des Moines Register - attended the conference as the culminating point of this year's C-100 Journalist Delegation China trip, which included meetings in Beijing and Shanghai.

Fifty-three local and international press representatives covered the event and produced 57 coverage items to date.


The Committee of 100 is a leadership organization of prominent Chinese Americans in business, government, academia, and the arts. For over 20 years, the Committee has served as a substantive bridge in the U.S.-China dialogue by fostering regular exchanges with the leadership of Beijing, Taipei, and Washington. Members of the Committee of 100 are leading U.S. citizens of Chinese descent who leverage their collective influence, resources and experiences to address important issues affecting U.S.-China relations as well as significant concerns of the Chinese American community.